Arena Rumble


This is your opportunity to define how you are going to look and feel this Summer. This last Arena challenge of the year puts you in control of your fitness. Reduce fat, increase strength, and improve body composition fast in our 5 week shred. Commit to 5 dedicated weeks of body-blasting intensity with additional free access to classes up until the end of the year to peak your condition before peak of Summer.

This is a fun, attendance based challenge that lets you decide how hard you want to push it for the last few weeks of the year. Sign up now to get ripped with Arena Rumble.


How does it work?

You receive a Rumble Attendance Card on commencement of the challenge which includes 4 classes and 2 tasks to be completed. You can take as long as you need to complete a Rumble Card ie. you do not have to complete a full card in 1 week. Each card is based on a different body part to focus on.

Each time you complete a Rumble card you move forward to choose a new one depending on your fitness goals. Complete one card and you will be entered into our competition for a 3 months membership. The more cards you complete, the more chance you have of winning, and the closer you will be to achieving your fitness goals in time for Summer!

What do I get?

Full access to Arena for 5 weeks of the Rumble plus continued access up until December 31.

Access to an exclusive Facebook support group for extra motivation.

Entry into the competition once you have completed your first Rumble card.


1 winner per club selected at random from the Rumble Cards submitted.

Terms & Conditions

The winner for each club will be selected at random from the Rumble Cards submitted. In order to enter you need to submit 1 fully completed Rumble Card signed by an Arena Coach. You can enter as many times as you like, hence, the more Rumble Cards you complete, the more chance you have of winning the prize. This fun challenge runs from 11th November – 14th December, with additional access to Arena up until 31st December.

I’m new to HIIT. What does it involve?

Our workouts involve bodyweight exercises; explosive movements like jumps, sprawls and burpees; as well as making use of equipment like TRX straps, boxing bags, grapple dummies, dumbbells, bands, plyo boxes, sandbags, bosu balls, weights, floor to ceiling ball, smart bars, and agility ladders. Every class is designed and sequenced with periods of exercise and breaks to work out your entire body for maximum results. You can go through the workouts with a partner, or solo. Many of our classes feature group exercise elements.

Where do I find the Timetables?

You can find the timetables on our website here:

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